Babies leaving mums

IMG_5666.jpgI have lots of photos of Macaque monkeys in Bali – my favourite are the ones of the babies exploring the forest under watchful eyes of their mothers. More soon, and some videos of climbing, and family dynamics.


Drawing a dead gecko together – Drawing Growth class, Koh Mak island, Thailand, March 2017


Drawing class with 4 Finnish travellers: We drew things from memory with our eyes closed first – a shell, a coconut palm, a banana tree, a gecko. Then we discussed our visual memories and imagery and what we discovered we knew and did not know about the things we had drawn. Then we looked at all the things and learnt more by drawing them, both what they look like, why they look like that,  in relation to how they function and grow.  I now have a little collection of dead geckos for drawing classes!

I will be teaching drawing on Koh Mak island during April, and then from October 2017 onwards. I will be running drawing retreats, so do get in touch if you would like to visit. Yoga retreats also offered, with a lovely teacher. More info soon.


Elna, my hero

Elna climbing tallest palm tree in world to get a young coconut. Video to follow. She hadn’t climbed a palm since 2011, so she was pretty pleased that she could still do it! They tend to ask men and boys to do this, but look at Elna go! well, when the video link arrives…img_4827

Leelaawadee Tree in Thailand – drawn November 2016


Plumeria / Frangipani

Plumeria trees once were considered taboo in Thai homes because of superstitious associations with the plant’s Thai name, lantom, which is similar to ratom, the Thai word for sorrow. Name of the heroine in a Thai legend, who had fate all through her life.Plumeria were thought to bring unhappiness but His Majesty the King has given a new auspicious name ” Leelaawadee” to revive the plant.

I have been drawing a made up version of a Leelaawadee style of tree, making a game of ‘growing’ the branches on the page, weaving in and out of one another. Not sure when intertwinings are possible.

You can colour them in to check where each branch goes, and whether it ends in a double flower or a dead end. Also can add new pages to continue the branches.


Awesome tree in Bucari – Philippines January 2o17 hiking in Bucari with Lee


Am trying to find out what tree this is.

Anyone know? It had spikey nuts, size of a conker. It isn’t Mango.

Is it Annona Muricata?

Could be:

  • Species of existing endemic flora in Bucari are: pine trees NO, narra (don’t think so..), teak NO, bacan NO, antipolo NO, hambabalop NO, mahogany NO, antosan-dilaw, kultingan and undergrowth coffee NO.

Common names: Guayabano, soursop (En); tiep barang (Cam); sirsak, nangka belanda (Ins); khan thalot, khièp thét (Lao); durian belanda (Mal); duyin-awza (Mya); guayabano (Phi); thurian thet, rian nam (Tha); mang câu xiêm (Vie).

MOLAVE (Vitex parviflora)?

NARRA (Pterocarpus indicus) Philippines national tree.

re fauna, we didn’t see any of the

possible: Visayan warty pig, snakes, lizards, hawks, frogs, hornbill and monkeys.